As consumer tastes change and new and different ways to serve food away from home arise, commercial foodservice equipment and supplies play an increasingly vital role in satisfying market trends in ways that are hot, cool and relevant.

WHAT’S HOT! WHAT’S COOL!® trend galleries showcase new and innovative equipment and supplies solutions. Four industry trends, identified by The NAFEM Show in collaboration with the Culinary Institute of America (CIA), are showcased:

Community Responsibility
Booth 1220
We all share the responsibility to care for the earth and consider the long-term impact of our actions. Commercial foodservice equipment and supplies hold great potential to achieve these goals. Consider the way foodservice operations are designed, built, and operated. This includes imagining kitchens that support optimal preparation of fresh, local, farm-to-table or even “cook-to-table” foods and selecting energy- and water-efficient equipment and environmentally friendly materials.

Global Flavors & Craft Preparation
Booth 2820
Customers’ understanding and appreciation for culturally and ethnically based cuisines are more sophisticated and adventurous than ever. At the same time, there’s a growing opportunity for operators to infuse professional expertise or add value through artisanal skills that celebrate the craft of fine food. This challenges foodservice industry professionals to demonstrate knowledge and authority of preparation methods, processes and service of globally relevant flavors and hand-crafted dishes. Increasingly, the industry will rely on these authentic cooking methods, unique tools, serving vessels, tabletop décor, ingenuity and even open kitchen display cooking to offer menu items that celebrate global diversity and demonstrate craft preparation.

Health & Wellness
Booth 4820
While there will always be room for indulgence and special occasion foods, the foodservice industry is increasingly responsible for providing healthy, everyday food choices to a substantial segment of the population. This includes options to address dietary requests or food allergies, promote health and wellness, portion control, calorie quality, whole grains, and plant proteins including nuts, legumes and healthy oils.

Productivity, Efficiency & Precision
Booth 6020
As foodservice challenges increase, competition demands productivity, efficiency and precision. This requires the operation, and the person executing the task, to explore and responsibly use financial, personal and technological resources for optimal yield. Foodservice industry professionals need equipment and supplies that automate or simplify processes, reduce overhead, perform multiple functions, or serve satisfying menu items with consistency, flexibility and speed.

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