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As foodservice industry trends change, and equipment & supplies innovations emerge, The NAFEM Show re-invents to keep up. In 2019 we are launching a new iteration of WHAT’S HOT! WHAT’S COOL!…and introducing What Works!

We’re looking for game-changing innovations that fulfilled a critical, unmet need and contributed to your customer’s success. Submit your product by Aug. 17, 2018 and you could be one of 20 E&S Success Stories displayed in our innovation lounges throughout the show floor.


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What are the criteria for inclusion?

  • The selected exhibitors are allowed one, stand-alone product (or in the case of smallwares/tabletop, a family of products) in one of the WHAT’S HOT! WHAT’S COOL! What Works! lounges.
  • The item must be a new concept or patented product introduced to the market after Feb. 11, 2017 (the final day of the last NAFEM Show).
  • The product must demonstrate a value proposition through tangible, quantifiable operator benefits such as energy efficiency, food safety, labor savings, eco-friendly materials or reduced footprint.
  • There is no application fee.


What’s in it for me?

Besides additional exposure to thousands of potential customers, if selected, we’ll host the customer featured in your E&S Success Story.

One operator from each of the 20 selected success stories will be NAFEM’s guest at the show, and will receive free registration, including access to show floor training time, free hotel stay (up to four nights), free breakfast, lunch and refreshments in our VIP lounge, tickets to our Kick-off Party and the NAFEM Party, as well as a dedicated concierge to help coordinate their trip.


How does an exhibitor apply?

  • Exhibitors in good standing may submit applications in the submission site between Jul. 9 and Aug. 17. Applications will not be accepted after Aug. 17.
  • Each exhibiting company may submit only one product (or in the case of smallwares/tabletop items, a family of products) for consideration.
  • The application must clearly explain how the product meets the requirements (listed on the application form).
  • NAFEM staff will screen all applications based on these factors:
    1. New product
    2. Demonstrated value proposition for the foodservice operator
    3. Supporting documentation
  • Industry experts will conduct a supplemental review of the screened applications if required.
  • All exhibitors will be notified of their application status by Sep. 17.
  • All decisions are final. If selected, your customer is our guest at The NAFEM Show.


Is there a submission/participation fee (for exhibitors) or an entrance fee (for attendees)?

  • There is no fee for exhibitors to participate or for attendees to enter.
  • Exhibitors are responsible for shipping and material handling expenses to get their product to and from The NAFEM Show for display in the lounges.


What utilities will be available?

Electrical power will be provided for display purposes only. Electrical power must be requested at the time of application and specified on the application form.


Do exhibitors have the opportunity to bring customers through, host events, or have early access privileges to the in WHAT’S HOT! WHAT’S COOL! What Works! lounges?

  • WHAT’S HOT! WHAT’S COOL! What Works! is a focused area for attendees to see and experience the success stories resulting from new products at The NAFEM Show in an intimate, relaxed setting. To preserve the integrity of the experience, and to provide an equal opportunity for all participating exhibitors, no direct selling or staffing of an exhibitor’s display is permitted.
  • Exhibitors may informally refer customers to visit their display or show them a product in the lounges, but in fairness to all attendees, no overt selling is allowed.


Can exhibitors provide supporting material or signage?

Company information, brochures, video displays or signs are not allowed. NAFEM will provide informational signs for all WHAT’S HOT! WHAT’S COOL! What Works! products.


Where are the WHAT’S HOT! WHAT’S COOL! What Works! lounges located?

WHAT’S HOT! WHAT’S COOL! What Works! lounges are located on the NAFEM show floor in four (4) high-traffic locations.


What are the hours of the WHAT’S HOT! WHAT’S COOL! What Works! lounges?

WHAT’S HOT! WHAT’S COOL! What Works! lounges are open during all show hours.


Additional questions? Contact Marianne Byrne at +1.312.821.0234 or, or Dawn Parker at +1.312.821.0205 or


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