How we are planning for a COVID-safe trade show experience

While life isn’t “back to normal” yet, it certainly feels as if “normal” is within reach. With multiple vaccines approved and millions getting vaccinated each day, it is reasonable to think about gathering together again. That’s why, today, we are planning for a show in August.

While we are excited to provide a forum for gathering at The NAFEM Show 2021, we also understand that this year of sacrifice and uncertainly means that some of us might still feel reluctant about attending events.

As a leader in an industry based around hospitality, we are proud of our legacy of care and consideration for our exhibitors and attendees.  During our nearly 50-year history of offering in-person events, The NAFEM Show has always kept the experience of all participants at its core. This year, we have doubled down on that commitment and have thoughtfully and carefully designed an event that balances business goals with reassurance and safety.

Let’s explore how, together, we can make The NAFEM Show the safest – and most successful – event yet.

Before the show 

Life during the pandemic has shown all of us that collective action to protect the greater good can have significant impact. All of us play a critical role in safety this year, from exhibitors and attendees, to show staff and convention center procedures.

Personal health choices

Consult with your healthcare provider as to your personal risks and healthcare situation, how and when to sign up for a vaccination appointment, and protocols around post-vaccination protection.

In the meantime, don’t let up on the protections that we know work, such as wearing good-quality, well-fitting face masks, practicing social distancing, limiting social gatherings and poorly ventilated spaces, etc.

In advance of The NAFEM Show, be sure to pay attention to your own potential COVID symptoms. Review this list from the Centers for Disease Control.

World-class event design & communication

In order to most effectively and comprehensively coordinate efforts, we are working in close partnership with the Orange County Convention Center, and other Orlando-based hospitality partners. The show is designed to comply with the Global Biorisk Advisory Council’s STAR™ program, a rigorous protocol that sets a gold-star standard followed by facilities (such as convention centers, stadiums, hotels) regarding outbreak prevention, response and recovery.

This year’s event also is being reconfigured to promote the safe movement of attendees, both on the show floor and in ancillary spaces. Learn more about our COVID-19 plan.

The NAFEM Show team is developing a myriad of communication tools to keep all participants looped in about COVID-19 protocols before, during and after this year’s event.

During the show

This year’s event will comply with all CDC, state, local health departments and OCCC guidelines. This situation is fluid and it’s important to be nimble with how we approach safety. These procedures also are being developed in partnership with industry professionals using science-backed methods to keep all safe and secure.

As you travel to Orlando and move around the city, we encourage everyone to review Visit Orlando’s thoughtful and comprehensive guide to safe business travel in and around this popular destination. Follow the rules of your airline and accommodations provider, as well as the guidance from your healthcare professionals.

At this time, we expect that face coverings will be required, and social-distancing, traffic flow and sanitizing protocols will be in place. Throughout the show floor, all will be prompted to adhere to safety measures via informational signage, program updates, audio announcements and more.

In person — and in control

The NAFEM Show team is excited about the event we’re producing this year. For many of us, this show will be the first major event we’ve attended in well over a year. We do not take lightly how making that choice requires trust in our team and we are committed to demonstrating how we’re keeping your safety at the heart of this year’s event. Here’s where we will be sharing all relevant information with regard to our COVID-19 plan.

When you set foot on the show floor, we want you to be able to focus on creating connections, exploring E&S solutions and learning more about growing your operation. Register for The NAFEM Show today.