8 ways to protect stainless steel

Cleaning and care maintenance is a crucial part of keeping your stainless steel equipment in tip-top shape. Most often, corrosion and rust is a result of the passivity film shield breaking down from scrapes, scratches, water deposits, or chlorides. Take note of these stainless steel care methods to keep rust and corrosion at bay:

1. Use the proper tools

  • Non-abrasive tools, like soft cloths and plastic scouring pads
  • Stainless steel pads (scrub in direction of polishing marks)

2. Clean with the polish lines or “grain”

  • Scrub in a motion parallel to the lines when visible lines are present
  • Use a soft cloth or plastic scouring pad when grain cannot be seen

3. Use alkaline, alkaline chlorinated or non-chloride containing cleaners

  • Ask your supplier for an alternative if your present cleaner contains chlorides
  • Avoid cleaners containing quaternary salts to avoid pitting and rusting

4. Treat your water

  • Reduce deposits by softening hard water
  • Install filters to remove distasteful and corrosive elements
  • Call a treatment specialist to insure proper water treatment

5. Keep your food equipment clean

  • Use alkaline, alkaline chlorinated or non-chloride cleaners at recommended strength
  • Clean frequently to avoid build-up of hard, stubborn stains
  • Chlorides in water cause damage, including in boiled water and heating cleaners

6. Rinse, rinse, rinse

  • Rinse and wipe equipment and supplies if chlorinated cleaners are used, dry immediately
  • Wipe off standing water as soon as possible, especially when it contains cleaning agents

7. Never use hydrochloric acid (muriatic acid) on stainless steel

8. Regularly restore/passivate stainless steel

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