Equipment maintenance pays off

Across the foodservice industry, budgets have never been tighter. Operators are having to make tough choices in every aspect of the business, from staff to open hours and beyond. Proper daily care and regular maintenance, as suggested by your specific equipment manufacturer, helps operators hit budget goals while keeping an eye on long-term costs. Here are some of the many reasons to keep your maintenance schedule.

Shortened equipment lifecycle

Poorly maintained equipment simply doesn’t last as long as when it gets a regular once-over. Plus, neglected pieces tend to use more water and more energy.

Diminished guest experience

Sputtering back-of-house staples can give out on you during the middle of a busy spell, when customers are queuing up for takeaway orders or sitting down for their first restaurant meal in months.

Unsafe and unsanitary

For certain pieces, maintenance is absolutely critical for safety. From sanitizing ice machines to updating HVAC systems to meet new requirements, you can’t scrimp on safety. Plus, poor maintenance can lead to property damage through leaks, fires or workplace injuries.

Refocus on the basics

Smart maintenance should be happening all the time, cost almost nothing and provide huge benefits to your operation, staff and customers. Start here to make adjustments and refinements.

Tuned-up training

Take this time to make sure that your staff is using each piece of equipment in your operation properly as outlined by the manufacturer, adhering to the warranty. Actions such as slamming oven doors or banging fry baskets can lead to dented doors, loose hinges and bent frames that require expensive on-site fixes and replacements.

Start scrubbing

There’s wisdom in that old expression, “If you’ve got time to lean, there’s time to clean.” Use available time to really give the entire kitchen a thorough cleaning, top to bottom.

Prevent bigger issues

Maintenance partners can spot issues before they become huge headaches. Be sure to stay on top of regular maintenance tasks, such as grease-trap and exhaust-hood cleaning, refrigeration and HVAC maintenance, and waste and pest management.


It’s important to keep focused on what’s going to help maintain an operation now. Strike that balance with a strategic approach to maintenance and replacement. Explore all the top equipment and supplies — only at The NAFEM Show.

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